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Friends in Fostering

May 5, 2022

Here at Reliant, we believe every child deserves a home where they can grow and thrive. We are proud to partner with local foster care organizations throughout the year to assist them in their cause to help place each child in this type of home. With May being National Foster Care Month, we would like to introduce our Friends in Fostering. 

Local DFCS

To learn more about the conditions of your local foster care community, a great place to start is at your local Division of Family and Children Services. Acting as the first line of help for children entering the foster care system, not only does the team at your local DFCS help place these children but, in some cases, assists the guardians of these children in seeking help.  From diapers to winter coats, DFCS is always in need of supplies for children entering foster care. During the holidays, they are always in need of individuals to “adopt” a child’s Christmas list.

Private Organizations

We support our local DFCS and partner with private organizations like Uniting Hope 4 Children and Families 4 Families, facilitating their foster family services. These services include classes and support groups for their foster families to be encouraged and learn new ways to help their foster children. These organizations are always in need of donations of supplies, especially during the holidays, and volunteers for foster family events. 

If you would like to learn more about these organizations' specific needs or about fostering a child, please visit our Friends in Fostering’s websites or reach out to your local fostering organizations.

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