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Ideas for Easter Activities at Home

April 13, 2022

With the Easter holiday this weekend, Check out these “egg”-cellent activities: 

Me And My Peeps

Before you enjoy the adorable and colorful snack, give your peeps a home with a twist on a holiday favorite. Grab some gingerbread crackers, frosting, jellybeans, and Easter candy to create a home perfect for your favorite chicks.

Wreath It In

Head to your local craft store for an activity perfect for the whole family. Step up your door game with a wreath crafted by your favorite artist. Need inspiration? You can search online for tutorials and pictures to help get your family’s creative juices going for this activity.

On The Hunt

One way to get everyone involved in this fun activity is to mix up the surprises found in the hidden eggs. Instead of candy, have specific commands in the eggs that participants will have to act out during the hunt, like hopping like a rabbit for the rest of the activity.  

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