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Once you have chosen your lender, you will need to provide them with all requested documentation. Below is a loan application checklist that may be a guide for your Lender and will help complete your loan package.

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    Georgia - Element Home Loans

    DeAnn EllisSr. Mortgage Consultant1555 Bankers Boulevard | Suite I-200
    Monroe, GA 30655
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    Morgan StevensMortgage Loan Officer1108 Clark Street
    Covington, GA 30014
    (404) 401-0992

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    Use our free mortgage calculator to quickly discover how much home you can afford, estimate your monthly payment, and set a down payment goal.

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    Qualifying with different types of income

    • Qualifying Income - Must have 2 years of Income history to qualify (ex: W2, Self-employed or 1099 employee).
    • Rental Income - Must have 2 years of rental income history to qualify (Programs may vary).
    • Other Forms: Social Security, commission, car allowances, child support, interest, and dividend income. See a mortgage professional for additional forms that may qualify.


    The following assets may be resources for your down payment and must be verified by your lender

    • Saving/Checking
    • IRAs, Thrifting saving plans, 401(k) and Keogh accounts
    • Stocks and bonds
    • Savings bonds
    • Gift Funds
    • Sale of personal property
    • Downpayment assistance programs
    • Sales of real estate
    • Collateralized loans
    • Disaster relief grants and loans
    • Employer assistance programs


    Different loan programs have different requirements

    • FHA loans: Can be approved with a credit score of 580.
    • Conventional Loans: Requires a credit score of 620 *Note: Most lenders require a 640 credit score.

    Good credit profile = Better Rates.

    Factors that weigh on your credit score: Payment history, outstanding credit balances, credit history, debit/credit ratio, type of credit, and inquiries.

    FHA, Conventional, and VA all have different requirements. Consult your loan officer per specific qualifying requirements.



    Employment history of at least 2 years

    • Education counts as history
    • Self - employment must be greater than 2 years by the same business with tax returns

    W2 -tax returns may be required.

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